burning down the house

A group exhibition featuring artists; Avril Corroon, Michelle Doyle and Isabel English

This show was curated by Alison O’Shea as part of the TACTIC Curatorial Residency Award 2018/19

“The voices that speak for any city soon become its architects, their words operating as histories, warnings, and inspiration: here is how a city should rise, they explain.” The city hesitates, unsure how to respond to the advances it has supposedly made. Unfinished projects wait for their architects to decide where they fit. So too do the estranged populous, uncertain where they fit in the new city. The memory of past events begins to fade as projects restart, the city rises, the atmosphere of uncertainty palpable. This exhibition proposes a space for collective reflection on past events and possible futures. The prospect of a new landscape, where the boom to bust cycle remains unclosed.

‘Burning Down the House’ features artists; Avril Corroon, whose work theorizes on the motives behind the capitalist and patriarchal landlord’s widespread use of magnolia coloured paint in rental accommodation. ‘Fresh Paint on the Walls’ (2016) estranges the reality of the situation where housing is seen as a commodity over social need.Michelle Doyle’s ‘Distance from Stone’ (2018), this work takes the Dublin City motto; “the obedience of the citizens produces a happy city” to examine the architecture and urban planning of North Dublin, paying detail to the materials and their origin, and the effects of these on the populous along with the rapid privatisation of public space.Isabel English’s work ‘(un)set’ (2019), is a collection of unrealised objects momentarily resting in the gallery space. Echoes of the figurative Architect resonate through the manifestation of detailed drawings and sketches. The index of passive objects, structures and plans contemplate the notion of utopia, the possibility of a space indefinitely large or small, perhaps a place for spontaneous interaction and moveable architecture.TACTIC and Sample Studios are kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Arts Office

suspended now, the weight of waiting

a solo exhibition by Dori O’Connell

TACTIC Visual Arts Programme with Sample Studios Presents Dori O’Connell’s solo show from Sample Studios Graduate Artist in Residence Award 2018.

Suspended Now, the Weight of Waiting is a series of work focusing on chronic, fruitless waiting. It looks at scenarios where time is suspended and the present refuses to pass, searching for the dormant potential to destabalise space and time and fuel a resistance against a norm that devalues the time of the vulnerable.

In conjunction with Dori O’Connell’s solo exhibition Suspended Now, The Weight of Waiting; she has invited Fiona Kelly to talk about interim periods of production and exhibition making on the 20TH OF JUNE at 4PM in The Crypt.

Dori O’Connel is a Cork based artist who works predominantly with installations, incorporating photography, textiles and found material.

More info at http://www.dorioconnell.com

TACTIC and Sample Studios are kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Arts Office

Co-curated by Katie O’Grady and Alison O’Shea

forget not the field

forget not the field is a multi media installation created for my BA Hons degree show SEE/SAW in 2018

The work concerns an imagined future which utilizes contemporary narratives regarding the housing crisis and new possibilities of occupying the landscape. These narratives are interrogated through a fictional character based on the Sean BheanBhocht (poor old woman), the personification of Ireland, to address the possibilities and consequences they may cause. The Sean BheanBhocht, representative of the land, which has acted as an archivist of our history and treatment of the space we occupy. The land then is no longer an object but an active listener and story-teller. This piece utilises sound, moving image and installation.