Fiona Kelly, Dori O’Connell, Mary O’Leary and Lily O’Shea, research and publication initiated by Ali O’Shea, Cork, Ireland 2020

This publication is the first iteration from a passive house. A passive house is a house which is truly energy efficient, a sustainable and comfortable structure. The passive house here has acted as a methodology, a structure to learn from and engage with. This publication presents a series of archival material from within a house – a house which is striving to become a passive house – the goal of energy efficiency is still present but for the occupants rather than the structure. This visual research stemmed from the early months of the Covid19 pandemic lockdown and retreat indoors. The house became the centre of many practitioner’s view, the pressures to create during so-called downtime emerged. The At Home Artist Residency programme mentioned in the beginning of this piece was created as a response to these pressures. The lockdown here is reimagined as a continuous artist-in-residence programme and as a result all activity within the passive house became inherently creative, whether this be watching endless television, cooking, gardening or cleaning. The production of this research has simultaneously been a search for a sustainable practice but also an ever-present pressure to create an output to validate the pursuit of a practice. Each occupant has generously responded to these thoughts, utilising materials such as time, dust and food.