Over or Under

Sculptural intervention by Dominique Rivard
Written work and performance by Molly O’Leary
Curated by Joe Henry, Cecelia Graham and Ali O’Shea

Anderston’s Bridge to Nowhere was the catalyst for the project- a once incomplete bridge that terminated in mid air. We were interested in exploring these unfinished projects within the city, symbols of misled optimism in urban planning leaving the city in limbo. Now complete the bridge has been renamed The Bridge to Everywhere, yet there still remains fragments of these incomplete spaces, possible links never connected.

Dominique Rivard’s The Ladder to Everywhere contemplates the Bridge to Everywhere and the seemingly endless possibilities that are offered, only to be rendered unattainable. The sculptural intervention that highlights the liminal space of the site whilst offering a symbolic tool for bridging the gap that the construction of the motorway system caused.

Molly O’Leary’s performance a definitely tidy appearance reflects the construction of the in-between space that Rivard’s sculptural intervention wishes to reconnect using the language of the archetypal planner, sourced in part from the motorway archive at The Mitchell Library. O’Leary’s exploration of this language intends to underscore its absurdity when removed from its intended arrangements.

The intervention takes place on the Anderston-Argyle footbridge on a fragment.

The public intervention will took place on Tuesday 5th November, 2019