An installation created by artist Siuán Ní Dhochartaigh

relaxation* looks at translating personal material into the products of professional pursuits. Passive art practices as well as “productive relaxation” are explored here in order to interrogate the demands placed on workers, and the role of creative practice and labour. The colouring book translates material from passive experience (dreams, childhood memory and ingenerate folk narratives) into an active exercise in storytelling. The colouring book requires its audience to both read and make, further blurring boundaries between consumption and production. A lazy art presentation speculates around an insular looping practice using repetition and rotation. The guided meditation uses critical material surrounding the function of the studio, workplace or worker as a starting point. This pacifying audio piece encourages us to relax and locate a productive calm which exists outside of the usual sites of production, however this in-between time and space has similar problematic themes such as demands of endless growth, ego depletion, and alienation.

Siuán Ní Dhochartaigh is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice deals with the personal, often fictionalising its critical-historical importance. After graduating from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland in 2017, her work has been displayed in the Pearse Museum and the RHA in Dublin. She has undertaken an interdisciplinary residency in Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland. Her research regarding Irish as an art language and speculative tech reviews around the role of the service-based economy in art have been published in Circa Art Magazine. She is currently undertaking a Master’s in Art Writing at the Glasgow School of Art.

Running from the 18th – 23rd of March
Curated by Ali O’Shea in association with the MLitt Curatorial Practice at Glasgow School of Art/University of Glasgow and wasps_ studios