a passive house part ii a conversation with artists Lily and Ali O’Shea

This research stems from a research process which began between Ali and Lily O’Shea during a collective burnout. For this research we began to emphasise the importance of downtime and doing nothing. In our research we have found the expectation on creative pursuit to be pressurised with an expectancy of a flexible body.

This talk hoped to underline sustainable practice models within creative pursuit which may allow one to regain some agency over one’s time. We seek to resist any pressure of pace and reject and reject the expectations in the current system, instead we seek to promote everyday tasks as artistic pursuit and by calling them so, every outcome is an outcome.

This was the first in a series of events stemming from a publication produced in 2020 entitled a passive house with artists Fiona Kelly, Dori O’Connell, Mary O’Leary and Lily O’Shea. This series was a continuation and sharing of the research produced in this publication and hosted in the DIY community space of Rebel Reads, Cork.

This series was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.